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We welcome you at ZG boiler Website. Here you can take brief introduction to our industrial boiler(biomass boiler, coal boiler, gas & oil fired boiler, power plant boiler), services and our systems. Each steam boiler and hot water boiler is catagorized to give you opportunity to go any section where you want but without feelings that you have been lost.

From our web site you can also send us an inquiry and our staff will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions. So, feel free to navigate and have a good day!

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Gas & Oil fired Boiler

ZG gas & oil fired boiler have fire tube type and water tube type boiler, with capacity 1-35 ton, both steam boiler and hot water boiler.

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Biomass fired Boiler

We supply complete Biomass boiler solution, with capacity 2-35 ton, kinds of biomass fuel can bu used, for example wood.

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Coal fired boiler

Coal fired boiler with steam and hot water boiler is low cost, used widely in power plant, food industry, textile industry.

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CFB boiler

We produced Circulating fluidized bed boilers since 1980, Through our experience of supplying over 400 CFB boiler units to industrial and utility customers worldwide.

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Waste heat boiler

On design or manufacturing equipment, the technology is relatively mature. Waste heat boiler has been popularized in power, metallurgy, building materials, light industry and other industries

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Power plant boiler

Power plant boiler fuel can be coal, biomass, natural gas, wood, rice husk, etc. ZG Power plant boiler's technology offer high efficiency boiler,reduce energy costs

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