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110 ton CFB Boiler in India

In 2013, we exported one set of 110 ton CFB boiler to India, this boiler burns coal mixed with rice husk.

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CFB Boiler Installation Site

110 ton CFB boiler main working parameter

the rated evaporating capacity                    110 t/h
the rated steam pressure                             6.5 MPa
the rated steam temperature                       485 ℃
feed water temperature                               130 ℃
fume exhaust temperature for boiler           135 ℃
blow down ratio                                           ≤2 %
cool air temperature                                    30 ℃
hot air temperature                                     144 ℃
the design thermal efficiency for boiler       88.08 %
(Ca/S 2.2)desulphurizing efficiency       ≥85%
the mixed fuel consumption                        23136.1 kg/h
the coal consumption                                 16195.27 kg/h
the rice husk consumption                          6940.83 kg/h

CFB boiler for sale in India

Compared with coal, biomass fuel, if only consider from the boiler itself, there is no much advantage. In India, coal fuel is in short supply, while, biomass resource is rich, so the biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler or co-combustion biomass & coal fuel CFB boilers are used in India industries.

Why choose circulating fluidized bed boiler?

Circulating fluidized bed combustion is a new highly efficient, low emission and coal cleaned technology, its main feature is that the boiler furnace contains a lot of material, which is carried to the upper chamber in the combustion, through the separator arranged in furnace outlet, the material and gas separated, and sent back to the bed material through the non-mechanical valve, combusting circularly for several times. Thus the fuel in CFB boiler is fully burned and high burning efficiency. Even low grade or bad quality fuel (coal, biomass) is available.  

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