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1.2 MPa biomass boiler in India

1.2 MPa biomass boiler in India

An Indian company wants to buy a 1.2-megawatt biomass steam boiler, primarily for industrial steam. Combined with the specific products of ZG boiler, we recommend for him the SZL series of chain grate boiler. This boiler is relatively efficient, overload capacity is relatively strong, relatively rich fuel types, can burn all kinds of biomass and bituminous coal. And the configuration of a continuous automatic water supply device to ensure the safety of the boiler operation, the boiler at the rear of the layout of the economizer.

Characteristics of 1.2 MPa Biomass Steam Boiler

1.Before and after the arch with high aluminum cement pouring, to avoid the problem of arch collapse, to extend the service life.

2.Feed water temperature at 20 degrees Celsius, rated steam temperature of 194 degrees Celsius, rated evaporation of 12 metric tons per hour.

3.Lengthened the length of the grate, can be a good extension of the burning time of love, so that coal burning more fully, a good reduction in the carbon content of slag.

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