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20 tonnes solid fuel boilers from China to India

20 tonnes of solid fuel boilers from China to India

Recently, from India in Southeast Asia sent a inquiry about 20 tonnes of solid fuel boilers, we asked in detail about the industry, the use of the boiler and the size of the boiler, and finally combined with our company's own products for him Provides our biomass boilers with fuel for biomass and bituminous coal. These materials are still relatively common and cheap in India and can help companies reduce their input.

Our company's biomass solid fuel boiler features

1.In India, waste is relatively large, and economic strength is relatively not very strong, the use of biomass as a substitute for fuel to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, which is more friendly to the earth, but also more cost savings to the company's investment.

2.Structural design is more reasonable, the fuel burned in the furnace longer time, so that coal combustion more fully, reducing the furnace slag carbon content, furnace heating area is larger, better heat transfer effect, while the ability to overload more Strong.

3.With our configuration for the biomass boiler has a continuous automatic water supply device, can more effectively ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

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