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20 tons waste heat power plant boiler in Vietnam

20 tons of waste heat power plant boiler in Vietnam

The Vietnamese procurement is a 20 tons of waste heat power plant boiler, is ZG boiler’s waste heat power boiler this big item, for a smaller but faster development of the country, Vietnam's power plant for daily life and industry Very important, which plays a key role in the national economy. In order to achieve a sustainable and greener future, as energy demand continues to grow, awareness of potential energy recovery in industrial processes is becoming increasingly important.Vietnam power plant to use waste heat recovery to strengthen the power supply capacity and reduce costs.

Waste heat boiler power plant boiler in Vietnam

1.This 20-ton re-power plant boiler research and development combined with the major scientific research institutions advanced technology and experience, the use of high thermal conductivity, sealing performance of a good membrane water wall, to overcome the traditional boiler defects.

2.The use of suspension structure, suitable for absorption boiler expansion, high operational safety.

3.Large amount of air leakage, high heat loss, high energy consumption.

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