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25 Bars Wood and Palm Branch Boiler in Malaysia

Wood and palm branch boiler for sale in Malaysia is popular and wood and palm branch boiler in Malaysia is a biomass fired boiler a which can take biomass energy as its fuels to reach the goal of low combustion, high efficiency and environment protection. Renewable power is generated by utilizing wood fuel from a variety of sources including logging debris, logs from forest thinning, wood waste from lumber mills, municipal landscaping, agricultural waste such as nut shells and fruit pits, and green waste (grass clippings, hedge trimmings etc.) collected from the communities we operate in. Fuel gathered in this way also contributes to a removal of accumulated fuel available on the forest floor and a reduction in wildfire potential. The use of this fuel and the green waste fuel also reduces the amount of open burning conducted in society, significantly reducing carbon monoxide smoke and other air pollutants released by open burning.

Customer's Background

In 2013, there was a customer in Malaysia leave a message on our website and he said he need a wood and palm branch boiler applied in his factory. The wood and palm branch boiler we provide must have high efficiency and low combustion. After more contacts, we finally reached an agreement and supplied a 25 bars wood and palm branches boiler to his factory, the delivery time was within 2 months.


25 Bars Wood and Palm Branch Boiler Manufacturer in Malaysia

Founded in 1945, ZG Boiler is one of the leading industrial Boilers Manufacturers in Malaysia, supplies steam generation boilers and hot water generation boilers for industrial applications where steam or hot water for the process is required such as sugar plants, rice mills, pulp, paper, chemical, food industries, central heating, hotel, school, etc. Boilers are designed and manufactured based on a number of factors including- capacity of steam generation, exit pressure of steam, type of fuel, type of feeding of fuel, type of construction, etc. Now, the 25 bars wood and palm branch fired boiler in Malaysia is still working well and we have earned great popularity in Malaysia.

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