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2.8 MW Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Thailand

Customer Background:

Project: WNS2.8-1.25/115/70-Y(Q) gas fired boiler
Application area: Paper mill
Location: Thailand
Output: steam
In 2012, there was a client in Thailand leave a message on our website, he said he need a gas fired steam boiler applied in his paper mill. After negotiations with the client, we finally provided a set 2.8 MW gas fired steam boiler to his paper mill and delivered within 2 months.


2.8 MW Gas Fired Steam Boiler Features

1.Adopting the three return structure with big volume design of combustion chamber which makes the burning more fully.
2.Adopting advanced corrugated furnace structure, not only increases the heat transfer area but also satisfies the free expansion after the furnace is being heated.
3.The boiler is adopted with a wet back type structure, the whole plate boundary has butt-jointed seam with the advantages of high reliability and low cost pf repair.
4.Smoke tube is adopted with thread structure which strengthens the heat transfer effect.
5.The design of rear view device is easy to observe combustion status.

ZG Boiler as the 2.8 MW gas fired steam boiler manufacturer has 70 years’ experience, 2.8 MW gas fired steam boiler for sale in ZG Boiler has advanced technology, high quality and good service. ZG Boiler has identified ISO, IBR, ASME, GOST certifications.

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