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50 tons carbon kiln waste heat power generation boiler in Vietnam

 50 tons of carbon kiln waste heat power generation boiler in Vietnam

The project is made by ZG boiler‘s and Shanxi Zhongke. The project is located in Vietnam. The project was signed in July 2015 and was successfully put into operation in April 2016. Carbon rotary kiln waste heat power generation is through the waste heat boiler will be steam vaporization driven steam turbine high-speed operation into electricity; security and smooth access to the company's internal power supply system, effectively improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, significantly reduce energy consumption, promote resource conservation and comprehensive utilization.

Carbon kiln waste gas waste heat for power generation, equivalent to reducing the power supply of the grid, the normal production of three generating units with a standby system, the annual power generation time of about 5400 hours, generating capacity of about 648 million degrees, equivalent to standard coal 7963 tons, The annual savings of 22.68 million yuan electricity, but also indirectly save the coal for power generation, an increase of electricity and other comprehensive benefits. Recycling and recycling of carbon rotary kiln emissions, the annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of 2106 tons, improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise to achieve energy-saving emission reduction.

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