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60 tons biomass steam boilers in Pakistan

60 tons of biomass steam boilers in Pakistan

Pakistan distributes a wide range of natural gas, oil and coal resources. Has been working to accelerate the industrialization and expansion of exports,Pakistan mainly imported oil and petroleum products, machinery and transportation equipment, steel products, fertilizer and electrical products. Main exports of rice, cotton, textiles, leather products and carpets. Asked 60 tons of biomass steam boiler buyers are mainly to develop its factory, for the quality of the product to look off. ZG boiler of biomass steam boiler to meet the demands of the business.

The Characteristics of ZG boiler's DHL chain grate biomass boiler

1.It has two invention patents, the introduction of the GEF project technology, operation is relatively simple, the effect of combustion is better, the operation is also relatively safe and reliable.

2.This steam boiler design using beam-type grate, the operation of the resistance is relatively small, and the cooling effect is better, the failure rate is relatively low, reducing the replacement parts of the loss, suitable for use in Pakistan.

3.This biomass boiler fuel has a variety of biomass and bituminous coal, and the local happens to be the production of crops, a large number of biomass for combustion use, saving a lot of input costs, is a very high cost of boiler products.

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