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A 35-meter autoclave to Algeria

A 35-meter autoclave to Algeria

Algeria's export trade is mainly orange, jujube wine, iron ore, etc., Algeria autoclave mainly for rubber products, anti-corrosion treatment of these need to maintain the production of pressure conservation projects. At the same time because it is rich in natural gas and oil resources, can be used for the autoclave boiler to provide fuel. The autoclave sent to Algeria is mainly for the pressure of rubber products, steam curing, through this method can better protect the rubber, make it more durable, better quality.

My company's autoclave has the following characteristics

1.Welding fully automated, more advanced means of detection, manufacturing research and development level at home and abroad are also in the same industry-leading level.

2.At the same time the use of imported rubber seals, good air tightness, the installation is relatively simple, the service life will be longer.

3.Our company's autoclave can be customized according to the actual needs of customers to ensure that the interests of customers to maximize, does not affect the customer's production planning.

4.At the same time the design of the autoclave bearing more flexible, can be better for the application of kettle body thermal expansion and contraction, can make it better work properly.

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