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Biomass fuel boilers in Indonesia

Biomass fuel boilers in Indonesia


DZL packaging boilers can efficiently burn coal and biomass fuels. Compact structure, easy installation, to ensure the efficient boiler, clean, economical, safe and stable operation, is widely used in industrial energy conservation and environmental protection equipment.

Biofuels fuels include:

(Pks), peanut shells, agricultural wastes, wood pellets / debris, sawdust, coal, biomass, co-fired,


Thermal power plants, heating companies, food and beverage, cement plants, paper mills, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile industry, coal industry, iron and steel industry, Mining industry. ZBG has long been committed to the design and manufacture of biomass boilers. DZL series of biomass boilers belonging to the packaging chain grate boiler, capacity from 2 tons to 10 tons. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly product that can easily burn the shape of biomass fuels or pure coal and mixed coal with its subsequent economizers to drain fertilizers that can be used for agriculture.

With a forced induced draft fan, fan and sprinkler slagging machine slag, the boiler all with control and monitoring instruments, safe and reliable operation.

Palm is widely planted in Southeast Asia, and customers choose palm shells as a burning material for boilers, not only to use resources, but also to save energy and environmental protection in a way. Palm kernel shell contains palm oil residue, the calorific value than the average lignocellulosic biomass slightly higher. Compared with other residues in the industry, it is a good quality biomass fuel, its distribution is uniform, easy to deal with, easy to break, and because of low water content and has limited biological activity.

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