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Chinese biomass boilers in Egypt

Chinese biomass boilers in Egypt

ZG boiler in central and western China is the largest industrial boilers and power plant boilers research and development, manufacturing base, is a 70-year-old large enterprises.

This paper focuses on the recent biomass boiler in Egypt, which is developed and manufactured by the ZG boiler works.

ZG Biomass Steam Boiler Technology

70 years of biomass steam boiler design and manufacturing experience, strong technical support and their own R & D department to provide customers with a very good product and service guarantee. As the largest boiler manufacturer in central and western China, our products are exported to Russia, the United States, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, more than 60 countries and regions, for local construction and development has made tremendous contributions. Our products have passed ISO international quality management certification and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers certification.

So far, ZG biomass steam boilers have been tested by the market. While the biomass steam boilers made in China are very popular in factories around the world.

Biomass boiler in Egypt

The Egyptian government encourages agricultural development and local crops are very rich in crops, and the waste of these crops provides a wealth of fuel resources for biomass boilers. Its industry to textile, food processing and other light industry, which is a very large boiler market.


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