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Gas Fired Boiler in Seafood Products Processing

Customer Background:

Project: WNS3-1.0-Q gas fired boiler
Application area: Food processing
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia
Output: steam



In 2015, a client specialized in seafood products processing in large enterprises company contacted us online for gas fired boiler, and finally he ordered a set 3 ton gas fired boiler applied in seafood products processing. The 3 ton gas fired boiler is with three return structure, corrugated furnace, adopted with thread structure, and has the features of high thermal efficiency, stable output, strong adaptability and low combustion.

3 Ton Gas Fired Boiler Parameters:

Rated steam capacity: 3t/h
Rated steam pressure: 1MPa
Rated steam pressure: 184℃
Feed water temperature: 20℃
Design fuel: gas, natural gas, biogas, city gas......

In order to meet the client’s production schedule Indonesia, ZG Boiler immediately put into production after receiving the order. After 30 days’ efforts, the 3 ton gas fired boiler for seafood products processing is ready to go, and export to Indonesia. The 3 ton gas fired boiler for sale has supply ample power support to client in seafood products processing production, and ZG Boiler has won the trust of client and established a good brand reputation.

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