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Gasoline steam boilers in Pakistan pharmaceutical factory

Gasoline steam boilers in Pakistan pharmaceutical factory

Gasoline steam boilers are widely used in hospitals, schools, swimming pools, pharmaceutical plants, packaging plants, building materials industry, food industry, textile printing and dyeing clothing industry. This is the Pakistani pharmaceutical factory to buy is the ZG boiler WNS series of fuel gas boiler.

This boiler is widely used and can be used in many fields. ZG of this boiler for the rapid installation of the boiler, mainly by the boiler body, connecting the flue, burner, soft drinks system, instrumentation, energy efficiency, Ling condenser and other components. The steam boiler design of the thermal efficiency of up to 95%, the exhaust temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, the use of natural gas, heavy oil, light oil as fuel.

Advantages of Gasoline Steam Boilers

1.The use of advanced technology in Germany, the operation more convenient, adequate output, cleaner, no pollution emissions.

2.The use of a large volume of combustion chamber design allows the combustion to be more fully, with hydroxide emissions as low as 35milligrams per cubic meter .

3.Wave furnace bile structure, so that more full combustion, an increase of heat transfer area, but also to meet the furnace after the free expansion of heat. The pipe adopts the thread structure, strengthens the heat transfer effect.

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