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Horizontal Oil Fired Steam Boiler Exported to Thailand

The Brief of Horizontal Oil Fired Steam Boiler Exported to Thailand

In Jan 2006, a power plant order a set of 10 ton oil fired boiler from our company. After several negotiations and comparison, we two parts finally signed a sales contract about 15 ton/h oil fired steam boiler for power plant.

The Latest Solution of Horizontal Oil Fired Steam Boilers in Thailand

Based on the facts of that power plant boiler in Thailand, our engineers picked up a set of 15 ton oil fired boiler. 15 ton/h horizontal oil fired steam boilers are both economical and stable performance. 15 ton oil fired steam boiler has the features of high output, high combustion efficiency, stable operation, wide range of overload adjustment. Oil fired steam boiler in Thailand can provide steam for power plant to generate electrics.

Horizontal Oil Fired Steam Boiler Exported to Thailand.jpg

Customer Satisfaction of Horizontal Oil Fired Boiler in Thailand

Mr. Mitchell, Purchase Department Manager of this power plant in Thailand, commented: “I am pleased to say that from day one of this project, the team at ZG Boiler has fully understood our approach and put in a great deal of effort to provide a completed steam boiler manufacturing system that has integrated seamlessly with our existing facility, within a very tight time frame.
“By working together with our production and engineering teams, ZG Boiler has provided us with an extremely cost effective solution – without cutting any corners or compromising product quality or process safety. This 15 ton/h oil fired horizontal boiler meets all requirements for our power plant station. I really appropriate it.”

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