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Mongolia biomass boiler for city heating

In cold winter, city heating is the very important project in Mongolia. And as the rising fossil fuel price, renewable and low cost biomass fuel is highly needed in heating boilers. Biomass boiler for city heating in Mongolia is very popular in recent years.

Why biomass heating boiler is popular in Mongolia

Biomass boiler for city heating is very necessary in Mongolia. Mongolia weather is very cold in winter, with temperatures average around -20 Celsius (i.e. -4 Fahrenheit). At night, it can get down below -40C (-40F). In the colder parts in the Northern Mongolia, night time temperatures can get below -50C. The biomass heating boiler can supply necessary heating for people’s daily life and enterprise’s production.

Years ago, coal fired boilers were the main heating equipment. The coal fired steam boilers are cheap in fuel and cost, while the coal fuel burning produces much CO2 and SO2 emission and cause serious environment pollution. Nowadays people’s environment consciousness and demand for living condition are improving, thus people look for green and clean energy. Biomass fuel for heating boilers are clean and high efficient, thus the biomass heating boilers are appreciated in Mongolia, Russia, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Denmark, Chile, Kenya, South Africa, and many other developing as well as developed countries.

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biomass boiler for city heating in Mongolia

Mongolia biomass boiler manufacturers

ZG Boiler is one of the largest biomass boiler manufacturers. Recently, a company of Mongolia consult us about the biomass boiler used for city heating. We’d glad to supply our custom tailored heating solution to meet their actual need. Welcome to consult online and get the latest data and price for the biomass fired boilers.

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