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Oil Fired Boiler in Fertilizer Manufacturing

Project Background

Project: WNS10-1.0-Y(Q) oil fired oil
Application area: Fertilizer Manufacturing
Country: Egypt
Product: Steam Boiler
Capacity: 10 t/h
Oil source: Egypt
In Aug 2012, we exported a set of 10 ton oil fired boiler to Egypt, and the oil fired boiler takes heavy oil, light oil, diesel oil and other oil as its fuels. The oil fired boiler is a steam boiler with the rated steam pressure 184℃, and it is used in fertilizer manufacturing.

Oil Fired Boiler in Fertilizer Manufacturing Features

1. Adopting 3 return structure and large volume design of combustion chamber, making the burning more effective;
2. Using the corrugated furnace to increase the heat transfer area;
3. Equipped with imported burner, and auto operation;
4. With a wet back type structure to lower the repair cost;
5. with thread structure to improve the efficiency of heat transfer;
6. Minimum running and maintenance costs;
7. Easy to access for internal maintenance.


Oil Fired Boiler supplier in China

ZG Boiler is the 10 ton oil fired boiler supplier in China, 70 years’ experience makes it with high quality and good service and it is also with A1, A2, C3 boiler and pressure vessel design and manufacture license permits. All of the oil fired boiler for sale in ZG Boiler are precisely designed to reach good performance. If you are interested, you can contact our online service directly or leave a message on our website, we will contact you after we see the message within 24 hours. 

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