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QXX energy saving CFB hot water boiler in Vietnam

QXX energy saving CFB hot water boiler in Vietnam

Type: hot water boiler

Capacity / heat: 29 - 168MW

Pressure: ≤ 1.6MPa Fuel: coal, biomass, co-combustion

Application: heating, thermal power plant

QXX Features

1.Energy - saving reliable CFB heating boiler control.

2.Low temperature combustion technology, low pollutant emissions.

3.Limestone feed advanced CFB auxiliary equipment, high desulfurization and denitrification rate.

4.Using low-speed design, low flue gas velocity and high temperature wear-resistant materials, to avoid wear and tear of the membrane wall wear.

QXX circulating fluidized hot water boiler manufacturer

ZG Boiler is a leading manufacturer of various types of cfb boilers and has extensive experience in producing industrial boilers and pressure vessels. The company has a boiler manufacturing license; ASME, ISO9001 and so on. Industrial boilers and autoclaves developed with technical advantages, stable and reliable performance.

QXX circulating fluidized hot water boiler in Vietnam

Vietnam is rich in mineral resources and diverse. Mainly in offshore oil and gas, coal, iron, aluminum, manganese, chromium, tin, titanium, phosphorus, etc., of which coal reserves larger coal resources can be used as the boiler fuel Vietnamese manufacturers to buy this boiler is mainly used to generate electricity, The country's agriculture and industry are very important and play a key role in the national economy.

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