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The first 116MW corner tube hot water boiler in China

 In 2015, a set of 116 MW corner tube boiler is successfully installed in Xi’an, China. It is the first set of 116 MW corner tube hot water boiler in China, designed and manufactured by ZG Boiler.

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116 MW coal fired corner tube hot water boiler installation site

The heating company purchased 116 MW corner tube boiler

The heating company is a wholly state - owned specialized company for central heating. Company's business range includes heat, electricity production and supply; heating engineering design, construction, installation, technical advisory services; utilization of fly-ash; production and sales of insulation materials; plumbing, electrical equipment distributor, maintenance; The main activities are thermal and electric power production and supply. 116MW corner tube boiler is purchased for heating supply.

QXL116-1.6/130/70-AⅡhot water boiler advantages

1.Single-drum cylinder secondary forced water circulation: boiler water cycle mode, the advantages of both forced and natural circulation, to achieve higher quality velocity of water-cooling membrane.

2.High efficiency and energy saving: Fly ash inner circulating fluidized re-combustion equipment based on the high temperature separation technology; Combined uniform flow rate design technique of corner tube boiler flag pattern convection heating surface. Reduced fouling, improved heat transfer coefficient.

3.Fully reliable power protection: transition of natural circulation, water walls all up, super large water capacity.

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