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price of gas fired boilers for palm oil production

gas fired boilers for palm oil production

The use of gas fired boilers in the processing of palm oil production

After the gas fired boiler with dry palm oil separation to obtain palm oil compared to other oils biggest feature is the high yield, low cost of cultivation. Gas boiler, with more significant price advantage, is widely used in the extraction of palm oil in Malaysia, and has been recognized by many customers. Besides,there are several methods in palm oil extraction process,for example, separation of dry, surfactant separation, separation of the solvent The main feature is that the gas-fired boiler furnace box horizontal pipe hydraulically tightly pressed against the tube furnace above board, currently with a gas boiler, palm oil can be a high-performance selective separation on good improvement,and get the majority of consumers.

The price of gas fired boilers for palm oil production

First,before consulting the price of gas fired boiler,the type of gas fired boiler should be confirmed.The enterprise should choose the suitable boiler according to its actual demand,the type of gas fired boiler due to the capacity, pressure,steam temperature, and so on.

Secondly,the price of gas fired boiler is mainly decided by its tonnage and the brand of auxiliary equipment.The bigger the tonnage,the higher the price,the auxiliary equipment includes fan, induced draft fan,fuel return fan, grate, slag machine.

Finally,ZG Boiler,reminds the enterprises consulting gas fired boilers that the comprehensive comparison of quality, performance, price,and after-sales service is needed,if you want to know more about it,feel free to consult us and get inquiry.

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