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SHX type circulating fluidized bed boiler manufactured by ZG boiler

SHX type circulating fluidized bed boiler manufactured by ZG boiler

SHX circulating fluidized bed boiler for Zhengzhou boiler

Introduction: SHX series of circulating fluidized bed boiler is the fourth generation of circulating fluidized bed steam boiler developed by ZG, mainly used for large-scale central heating, production of gas supply projects or cities, various enterprises of the heating system. The product uses a number of patented technology, can be a long time continuous operation, the failure rate is very low, the longest continuous operation time up to 10 months, the annual run time up to 350 days.

Type: steam boiler Capacity / heat: 10 - 75t / h

Pressure: ≤2.5Mpa (25bar)

Fuel: coal, biomass, cob

Applications: paper mills, textile and so on.

Characteristics of SHX Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

1.Separator unique structural design

The film wall absorbs heat on the lining, allowing the residual carbon in the flue gas to continue to burn in the separator without causing coking and improving the separation efficiency.

2.Return device patented design

Application of film-type water wall patented wall-type porous semi-gravity return device, return material even smooth; return device using patented technology wall long and short semi-gravity return device, back to the material evenly.

3.Buried pipe wear design

The pipe is welded with a special angle and size of the anti-wear tendons to prevent the wear of the pipe pipe, the boiler running for some time (usually more than a year) to take welding and other measures, can extend the life of the pipe.

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