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SHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler

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Introduction of SHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler

SHX Circulating fluidized bed steam boiler is a new efficient, low-pollution technology of clean coal boiler, the main features of the boiler furnace with a lot of material, in the combustion flue gas in a large number of materials are carried to the upper chamber, through the arrangement In the separator furnace exit, the materials and gas separation, and after non-mechanical valve will be sent back to materials will be sent to bed, repeatedly looping,m combustion.With the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, generally considered, circulating fluidized bed is the most practical and feasible and efficient low-pollution coal-fired one device.

The systems of SHX circulating fluid bed steam boiler:

1. The main body system
2. The fan system
3. Fuel feeding system
4. Feeding water system
5. Electric control system
6. Cold slag system
7.Smoke treatment ssytem
8. Dust collector system

The advantages of Shx circulating fluidized bed steam boiler:

1.increase the separation of spiral diffuser inlet and offset center tube
2.The layout improvement of heating surface
3.Optimize the layout of the horizontal pipe laying,reduce abrasion of the pipe laying and extend running time.
4.Enhance the position of pipe laying,reduce the wear of pipe laying,additional maintenance space,easy maintenance.
5.Sewer put in operation layer,easy layout of sewage pipes.
6.Improvement of burning equipment.
7.Optimization of slag drop tube
8.Auxiliary feedback unit
9.Optimal design of water system
10.Water-cooled furnace top

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Parameters of SHX circulating fluidized bed steam boiler
model capacity(t/h) pressure(MPA) steam temperature(℃) feed water temperature(℃)
SHX4-1.25-A 4 1.25 194 105
SHX6-1.6-P 6 1.6 204 104
SHX7-1.25-P 7 1.25 194 104
SHX8-2.5-H 8 2.5 226 104
SHX12-2.5-W 12 2.5 226 70
SHX15-2.5-A 15 2.5 226 105
SHX20-2.5-W 20 2.5 226 104
SHX30-2.5/400-W 30 2.5 400 104
SHX40-2.5/400-AⅡ 40 2.5 400 104
SHX75-1.6/250-AⅡ 75 1.6 250 104

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

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