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Energy saving circulating fluidized bed (cfb) boiler

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Energy-saving circulating fluidized bed takes the principle of stationary design and circulating fluidized bed map as the guide,the theory of material balance and the theory of particle fuel combustion and a more substantial reduction in the total bed stock,thus form the flow pattern based on the re-structure of energy-efficient circulating fluidized bed boiler technology.it represents the latest developments direction of the circulating fluidized bed technology.

Based on the flow reconstruction of energy-saving circulating fluidized bed combustion technology,has overcome the difficulties of high power consumption and wear of circulating fluidized bed boiler plant.power can be reduced by 30% at least,at the same time,the reduction of wear and tear of the boiler can increase the using rate of boiler.and the maintenance costs can be reduced accordingly.

The performance characteristics of energy-saving circulating fluidized bed boiler

1.power-saving:the fans can reduce more than 30%
Power consumption,operate under low bed pressure,the pressure head of the first,second blower,roots blower,induced draft fan have been reduced,the power consumption of fans is reduced.
2.Coal-saving:the coal-saving of boiler can reach 3-5%
Operate under low bed pressure,back-pressure reduced in the furnace,reduce the concentration of secondary air regional materials,the effect of secondary air penetration disturbance is enhanced to improve combustion efficiency.
3.less-wear:there is almost no wear and tear on the heating surface,the annual running time was up to 8000 hours
Operate under low bed pressure,low flow speed of flue gas,small materials concentration in the furnace,less wear and tear,can run for a long period.

Trustworthy circulating fluidized bed (cfb) boiler manufacturer

ZG Boiler is located in China,specialized design and production of all types of boilers. Our main products includes coal fired boiler series, biomass fired boiler, CFB circulating Fluidized Steam Bed Boiler, oil gas fired boiler, thermal oil heater and some boiler accessories. And these boilers are environment protected and energy conserved. It has been approved by the Provincial Environment Department.

And we can manufacture and supply boiler as per CE, ASME, AS standard, also with these certification.Our boilers have been used well domestic and overseas , have been already exported to Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Philippine, Kzakstan, Russia, Africa, Latin American, etc.

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Parameters of energy saving cfb boilers
model capacity(t/h) pressure(MPA) steam temperature(℃) feed water temperature(℃)
ZG-35/3.82-M 35 3.82 450 104
ZG-35/5.29-M 35 5.29 450 104
ZG-45/3.82-M 45 3.82 450 104
ZG-50/3.82-M 50 3.82 450 104
ZG-75/3.82-M 75 3.82 450 104
ZG-75/5.29-M 75 5.29 ;485 104
ZG-90/5.29-M 90 5.29 485 150
ZG-90/3.82-M 90 3.82 450 104
ZG-110/6.5-M 110 6.5 485 150
ZG-130/5.29-M 130 5.29 485 150

state:the above is just part of energy-saving cfb boilers.

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

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