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DZL coal fired boiler

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DZL Coal fired steam boiler capacity is 2-10 ton/h, design pressure is 1.25-2.45Mpa and coal fired hot water boiler is 1.4-14MW. Variety of fuels & their combustion can be used. (example: Bio-gas & Bagasse also Wood, Coal, Rice-husk etc., can be effectively burnt individually & in combination) keeping the steam raising cost very low. Body and base use two pieces to leave the factory, installed in a short period and low installation costs.

The Government Policy of coal fired boiler

Industrial Coal-fired boilers are subject to increasingly stringent environmental regulations and air quality limits or standards. A major advantage of some types of industrial boilers such as chain grate firing and fluidised bed boilers (CFB) is their ability to produce relatively low emissions of pollutants

DZL2-0.8 DZL2-1.0 DZL2-1.25
DZL2-1.6 DZL2-2.0 DZL4-1.25
DZL4-1.6 DZL4-2.0 DZL6-1.25
DZL6-1.6 DZL10-1.25 DZL10-1.6

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

DZL coal fired steam boiler

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