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Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

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Recognized as the boiler which boiler explosion never occurs, vacuum hot water boiler for sale in ZG Boiler can be multiple used and it can supply different temperature hot water for various purpose. Vacuum hot water boiler's half bottom is similar with ordinary boiler which combined with combustion chamber and heat transfer tubes. The inner part is the media hot water, and rest empty part is air, with an U tube works as heat exchanger. In the vacuum condition, as it runs in the condition of negative pressure, it absolutely ensures the safety. The media of hot water with no increase, reduce, in or out, it transfers the power with U tube and heat exchange. It’s completely deoxygenated pure water, with no corrosion or fouling, with a long life-span of more than 20 years. In conclusion, with this characteristic, It’s a tendency to replace of the traditional boiler and shell type boiler.

Vacuum Hot Water Boiler Features

1. Safe and Reliable

Because of its medium circulation system pressure below the atmospheric pressure, Unit running internal absolute pressure is 0.02 ~ 0.08 MPa, Units in the vacuum state, so that vacuum hot water boiler can't be an explosion.

2. Long Service Life

Scaling does not occur inside the boiler to increase the life of the boiler, the boiler life is generally 1.5 to 2 times. Heat exchanger made of stainless steel tube manufacturing part, resistant to corrosion, the design life of more than 20 years.

3. High Thermal Efficiency

Adopt three return pass structure and unique structure of the wet back to combustion chamber structure, to abandon the traditional fire-resistant insulation materials, significantly reducing the unit before the smoke room temperature, plus the machine uses high-quality aluminum silicate insulation, making the unit down to limit heat loss, overall thermal efficiency of up to 92 % or more. Never furnace fouling, can run for many years to maintain high efficiency.

4. Multiple Use

A boiler (Hot water unit)can configure multiple heat exchanger, different temperature, different uses of hot water , such as central air conditioning, sanitary hot water, process water, etc.


Model Water Volume 
Rated Thermal Power 
Rated Outlet 
Hot Water Pressure 
Outlet Hot 
Water Temperature 
Return Water 
Fuel Type Shipping Weight 
Shipping Dimension  
ZWNS0.35-85/60-Y/Q 1340 0.35 -0.02 85 60 Natural gas Light oil 2335 3025x1360x1710
ZWNS0.48-85/60-Y/Q 2000 0.48 2640 3025x1360x1720
ZWNS0.6-85/60-Y/Q 2400 0.6 2932 3445x1470x1806
ZWNS0.7-85/60-Y/Q 2500 0.7 3529 3445x1470x1846
ZWNS1.05-85/60-Y/Q 3250 1.05 5104 4060x1580x1976
ZWNS1.4-85/60-Y/Q 3950 1.4 5597 4145x1830x2220
ZWNS1.75-85/60-Y/Q 4920 1.75 6182 4470x1780x2160
ZWNS2.1-85/60-Y/Q 5950 2.1 6947 4510x2000x2398
ZWNS2.8-85/60-Y/Q 7430 2.8 8578 5070x2100x2550
ZWNS3.5-85/60-Y/Q 9250 3.5 11245 5395x2300x2785
ZWNS4.2-85/60-Y、Q 10340 4.2 12061 6000x2300x2785
ZWNS5.6-85/60-Y/Q 12167 5.6 14960 6000x2666x3102
ZWNS7-85/60-Y/Q 13986 7 19940 6373x2840x3224

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

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