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Biomass power plant boiler

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To meet the growing demand for biomass power plants powered by solid biomass, in addition to offering specialized technical solutions based on the specific need, ZG offers its customers a series of related services.

Biomass is readily available; lower priced, and can be sustainably grown. ZG offers a wide range of fluidized bed technologies, distinguished by capacity, fuel and industrial application, and characterized by unmatched fuel flexibility, lowest emissions and high efficiency and availability.

How to produce power with biomass power plant boiler

Biomass can be converted into electric power through several methods. The most common is direct combustion of biomass material, such as agricultural waste or woody materials. Other options include gasification, pyrolysis, and anaerobic digestion. Gasification produces a synthesis gas with usable energy content by heating the biomass with less oxygen than needed for complete combustion. Pyrolysis yields bio-oil by rapidly heating the biomass in the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic digestion produces a renewable natural gas when organic matter is decomposed by bacteria in the absence of oxygen.

Different methods work bet with different types of biomass. Typically, woody biomass such as wood chips, pellets, and sawdust are combusted or gasified to generate electricity. Corn stover and wheat straw residues are baled for combustion or converted into a gas using an anaerobic digester.

ZG-20/3.82 ZG-20/5.29 ZG-35/3.82
ZG-35/5.29 ZG-45/3.82 ZG-65/3.82
ZG-65/5.29 ZG-75/3.82 ZG-75/3.82

Note: Here are some of specifications for your reference,and you can consult us for more details.

Biomass power plant boiler

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