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12th Shanghai International Exhibition on Boiler


In related news, the 12th Shanghai International Exhibition heating and thermal power technology HEATEC cum Shanghai International boilers, auxiliary equipment and process equipment exhibition will be held in October 29-31, 2014, which is in the national call green energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental protection held in the context of the General Assembly on the boiler and the green energy sector, including the ZG boiler for boiler manufacturers, including environmental protection is a good chance to show.

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The 12th International Exhibition on Boiler Technology is an upcoming events manifesting new technology from boiler industry. The event will broadly showcase a wide assortment of different Boiler and Technologies, Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Piping Manufacturing Technologies and Materials, Boiler Auxiliaries and Related Products & Technologies and Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Products and Technologies. As it is the 9th edition of event therefore this year expects increase in the number of participants and attendees. The 9th International Exhibition on Boiler Technology will broadly target on visitors from sectors like Boiler Plants, Building and construction users, Industrial users, Power Plants. The exhibition will focus more than 150 foreign exhibitors from 12 countries, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, the United States, Britain, China and Hong Kong SAR and other / region, the exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, the main exhibition of environmentally friendly boilers, auxiliary boilers and process equipment.

The exhibitors pushing new energy-saving products, the site will showcase all types of oil (gas) fired boilers, coal fired boilers, waste heat boilers, biomass boilers and other environmentally friendly products. Increase productivity, reduce labor costs is a manufacturer of a priority, "boiler production automation equipment and technology" and more attention.

China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Industrial Boiler Branch Secretary Mr. Wang said, carefully nurtured by the organizing committee for many years, "Shanghai International heating, biomass boilers cum Exhibition" has become the industry's most authoritative professional exhibition. Promote energy conservation in the country's great historical background, this exhibition brings together domestic and international top companies showcasing the latest products and technologies, presenting a business opportunities, exciting stage of cooperation and exchange.

Energy conservation and environmental protection as a typical representative of the boiler, in order to respond to national saving and environmental protection requirements, ZG boiler is World Bank GEF project environmental protection energy-efficient boiler production base, production of environmentally friendly products, including fuel oil boiler gas boiler, biomass boilers, circulating fluidized bed boiler, is science and technology enterprises in Henan Province, the high-tech enterprises.

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