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25 Ton CFB Steam Boiler Manufacturer in China

As the 25 ton CFB steam boiler manufacturer in China, ZG Boiler has more than 70 years’ history which is the guarantee of providing customers products with high quality, advanced technology and excellent service. CFB steam boiler for sale in ZG Boiler is popular and we have exported a set 25 ton CFB steam boiler to Vietnam and the 25 ton CFB steam boiler is applied in power plant to meet the demand of electricity.

25 Ton CFB Steam Boiler Main Parameters

Rated capacity: 25t/h
Rated steam pressure: 2.5MPa
Rated steam temperature: 226℃
Feed water temperature: 104℃
Design fuel: bituminous coal


25 Ton CFB Steam Boiler Advantages

1. Clean coal combustion
Lower NOX emission
Lower cost desulphurization during combustion
2. Fuel flexibility
Low grade coals, low volatile fuels: anthracite and petroleum coke, coal mine mouth and coal washery wastes, Biomass, municipal solid waste
3. Lower Load rate
4. Ash can be used for cement
5. Stability of operation
CFB as a clean coal technology is very important for the countries such as China where coal is the dominant factor in energy structure .

CFB Boiler for Sale in China

1. China has been the country with the largest number and capacity of CFB boilers;
2. CFB boiler has been a mature technology as utility boiler for power generation with unique advantages vs PC boilers such as low emissions and fuel flexibility;
3. CFB boiler is specially suitable for burning anthracite, low grade coal, biomass and municipal solid waste for power generation.

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