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Autoclave for Making Rubber Rolls

Autoclave plays an critical role in making rubber rolls and rubber rolls can be vulcanized (heated, toughened, and hardened with sulfur) in an autoclave. The autoclave steams curing the rubber rolls through high pressure and high temperature. ZG Boiler is autoclave manufacturer for making rubber rollers, besides this application, autoclave can also be widely used in aerated concrete block, concrete pipe pile, high curing gypsum and other building materials as well as wood drying, preservation treatment and other production projects that require pressure steam curing.

What is an Autoclave?

An autoclave is essentially just a large steel vessel through which steam or another gas is circulated to sterilize things, perform scientific experiments, or carry out industrial processes. Typically the chambers in autoclaves are cylindrical, because cylinders are better able to withstand extreme pressures than boxes, whose edges become points of weakness that can break. The high-pressure makes them self-sealing (the words “auto” and “clave” mean automatic locking), though for safety reasons most are also sealed manually from outside. Just like on a pressure cooker, a safety valve ensures that the steam pressure cannot build up to a dangerous level.

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Autoclave for Making Rubber Rollers

Autoclaves are predominantly cylindrical pressure vessels with lids or doors to process rubber parts that require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature. They are available in a wide range of sizes and design pressures in horizontal configuration.
The key component of autoclave is the door. For a manufacturer, this is also the critical component in cost of autoclave construction. On one hand, the operator must be able to open and close the door quickly and easily; on the other, the door must satisfy stringent safety requirements of manufacturing and usage.
Rubber vulcanizing is a batch process. The autoclave door must be of full diameter to allow easy access to the chamber inside. So we need a fast-acting door to reduce batch change time and increase productivity. ZG Boiler as the rubber roller autoclave manufacturer with 70 years’ history, and we can do this.
An autoclave design is driven by various safety standards, primary among them being the ASME Pressure Vessel Code. Of all safety-related concerns, the most critical are those which relate to the door’s operation. ZG Boiler as the rubber rollers manufacturer, we ensure that the door seals tightly against rated pressure at the highest shell temperature; operate readily and quickly and meets all safety guidelines of a pressure vessel. Regular testing is a must along with foolproof interlock mechanisms to prevent door opening under pressure.
ZG Boiler is the autoclave manufacturer in China and the autoclave in our company fully absorbs the advantages of foreign similar products, and the manufacturing and R & D level is in the leading level.
Know more information about autoclave for making rubber rollers, send an email to [email protected].

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