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Biomass Residue Fired Boiler Manufacturer in Indonesia

 ZG Boiler is the biomass residue fired boiler manufacturer in Indonesia and we can supply 2-75 ton biomass residue fired boiler to meet different level requirements. Biomass residue fired boiler uses the straw to produce ethanol fuel and improve the efficiency of the biomass fuel use with biomass as fuel, it plays a crucial role not only in energy saving, but also in environment protection.
Indonesia biomass resources are mainly from forestry (as an important natural resource because its tropical rain forest), estate crops, agriculture crops and municipal (city) waste, palm shell, bagasse, coconut, corn, rubber, sunflower, sweet potato, etc. And it can supply large quantity fuel to meet the fuel demand of biomass residue fired boiler.

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The Advantages of Biomass Fuels

1.) total burnout of fuel
→ no carbon content in the ash
→ no CO or pyrolytic gases in the flue gas
                   →for higher efficiency and environment
2.) low NOx emission in flue gases, less effort for secondary DeNOx treatment
                            →for the environment
3.) low dust content in flue gases
→ less fouling and corrosion in the boiler
→ for a higher availability of the boiler
Biomass residue fired boiler for sale in ZG Boiler many has DZL series and SZL series and they are widely applied in paper mill, textile mill, rice mill, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil refinery, cement industry, power plant, thermal power plant, etc. And, in Indonesia, biomass residue fired boiler power generation is the most popular application. Indonesia policies to promote the use of biomass for energy generation have been adopted including the Renewable Energy Purchase System (established on June 2, 2012 to be applied to bioenergy, hydropower, etc.) and laws and orders that promote renewable energy (President Order No.1/2006 and Ordinance No.32/2008 of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for promotion of generation and use of bioenergy).
ZG Boiler is the biomass residue fired boiler manufacturer in Indonesia and more than 70 years’ history makes us a professional and prominent industrial boilers and industrial autoclave manufacturer, we own rich experience, advanced technology, high quality and best service. Besides biomass boiler, we also design and manufacture oil & gas boiler, coal boiler, CFB boiler, waste heat boiler, autoclave.
Email to [email protected] to know more information about biomass residue boiler manufacturer in Indonesia.

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