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Biomass boiler in heating market

The Frost’s Descent marks the beginning of cold days. At the same time of year, people begin to purchase heating boiler, while there is some difference this year, the energy saving boiler is the hot product, of which biomass heating boilers get more and more attention.


In order to alleviate haze crisis, using biomass boilers for heating is a consensus. In the economy prosperous, fossil fuel lack Guangdong, Jangsu of China, biomass hot water boiler and biomass steam boiler have formed a market oriented professional business model.

Biomass hot water boilers burn the pellet or block biomass fuels made by agriculture and forest waste, to supply heating for users. This biomass hot water boiler, including rice husk biomass boiler, bagasse boiler, wood pellet biomass boiler, corn cob biomass boiler, producing free emission, and effectively reduce SO2 emission, and largely alleviate the haze crisis.

Professional manufacturer of biomass boiler ZG innovates the biomass boiler combining the latest combustion theory, the biomass boiler is high thermal efficiency, easy to operate in reliable and safe way, and the biomass boiler for sale is energy saving and environment protection.

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