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Diesel Fuel Steam Boiler for Food Industry

Which Role does Steam Play in Food Industry?

Steam is a convenient means to convey energy in food processing operations. It is produced from inexpensive and abundant water. Pressure control valves can be used to precisely regulate and maintain the temperature of steam. Large amounts of energy are contained in a relatively small mass of steam, so heat transfer equipment can be compact. Steam is easily and inexpensively conveyed over fairly long distances and into remote locations of the process. And the steam boiler is the equipment to convey the steam.
Industrial boiler play an important role in food industry and ZG Boiler is an industrial steam boilers manufacturer in China and we can supply customers reliable and efficient steam boilers to meet their requirement. As for steam boiler for food industry, diesel fuel steam boiler is the most suitable one.

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Diesel fuel steam boiler for food industry in ZG Boiler mainly has two types, one is fire tube steam boiler and the other is D type water tube steam boiler and both of them have high efficiency and low combustion and can produce high quality steam to the food industry. ZG Boiler supply 1-25 ton fire tube diesel fuel steam boiler and 4-35 ton D type water tube diesel fuel steam boiler and customers can choose the most suitable one according to their specific requirement to steam.
Diesel fuel steam boiler price is a hot issue and there are many factors need to be taken accounts. Such as the type, capacity, temperature, pressure, distance, payment methods, etc. Only you supply the specifications of the diesel fuel steam boiler in detail, we can give you the quotation of diesel fuel steam boiler for food industry.
ZG Boiler is the diesel fuel steam boiler manufacturer in China with more than 70 years’ history, and our diesel fuels steam boiler has awarded ASME and IBR certifications which are our guarantee to supply customer products with rich experience, advanced technology, high quality and best service. Our products have wide application and they are mainly applied in paper mill, textile mill, brewery industry, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, school, hotel, greenhouse, power plant, thermal power plant, etc.
Feel free to contact our online service to know more information about the diesel fuels steam boiler in food industry.

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