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Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler for District Heating

Hot water boiler for district heating is becoming more and more popular, and the primary fuel used can be wood chips from renewable resources, such as willow or forest thinning. There are also natural gas powered district heating networks is highly developing in the world, such as Ireland. Gas fired hot water boiler for district heating has the features of high thermal efficiency, low combustion, and the fuel is easy to store and transport, etc. ZG Boiler as the gas fired hot water boiler manufacturer in China can supply customers reliable and high-advanced products.

What is District Heating?

District heating is a system for distributing heat generated in a centralized location for residential and commercial heating requirements such as space heating and water heating. The heat is often obtained from a cogeneration plant burning fossil fuels but increasingly also biomass, although heat-only boiler stations, geothermal heating, heat pumps and central solar heating are also used, as well as nuclear power. District heating plants can provide higher efficiency and better pollution control than localised boilers. According to some research, district heating with combined heat and power (CHPDH) is the cheapest method of cutting carbon emissions, and has one of the lowest carbon footprints of all fossil generation plants. CHPDH is being developed in Denmark as a store for renewable energy, particularly wind energy, that exceeds instantaneous grid demand via the use of heat pumps and thermal stores.

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How does the District Heating System Work?

District heating is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to heat apartments, buildings and mixed use developments. A district heating system works like a domestic central heating system only on a larger scale. Water is heated using a boiler located in a central heating plant. The heat is distributed to the places where need heat via an underground network of insulated pipes. The water in the network is continually circulating and therefore is always available to the householder. At these places the heating network is connected to the internal heating system (radiator and hot water network) by a heat distribution unit, which consists of two heat exchangers, a circulating pump, heat and flow meters, a temperature sensor, an expansion tank and control valves. The water used in the district heating network is not mixed with the water of the internal heating system of the dwelling, as heat is transferred across the heat exchangers. The district heating system is very reliable for many reasons due to professional operation and continuous monitoring of heat production and distribution. The district heating plant is designed to operate automatically and in general will only require fuel to be delivered.
Gas fired hot water boiler plays an important role in district heating and ZG Boiler can supply fire tube gas fired hot water boiler and D type hot water boiler to meet customers’ demands. The fire tube gas fired hot water boiler is a WNS series horizontal three pass boiler and it is the subitem of Word Bank’s GEF Program, whose each technical index of WNS series gas fired boiler has reached the word advanced level. The D type boiler for district heating is a packaged boiler with longitudinal type double drums and it has lots of advantages such as sufficient burning, no pollution in the emission, convenient operation, easy installation, etc. Both of them are popular when it comes to the district heating.

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