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High efficient coal fired hot water boiler company

Though in some countries governments have carried out projects to restrict the use of coal fired boiler, while as a heating plant, coal fired boiler still takes an important role in the industrial production. Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler for Sale is a popular type of boiler due to its high efficient and low cost.

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Coal fired hot water boiler for sale is a popular type boiler for its high efficiency and low cost

High efficient coal fired hot water boiler

Broadly speaking, coal fired hot water boilers manufactured by our company are strictly in accordance with the American Society Of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and International Standard Organization (ISO). Professional boiler engineers have devoted to innovate and improve related technologies to enhance coal fired hot water boiler efficiency, so the design is more safe and reasonable.

Horizontal coal fired  boiler with water-cooling membrane structure is energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency and safety, easy operation, flexible, convenient and durable, longer service life. For coal fired hot water boiler stress area is larger, heat transfer effect is better. Besides, coal hot water boiler cost is lower, bringing people more economical and practical benefits.

Coal fired hot water boiler company

With 69 years experience in designing and manufacturing coal fired boiler, we have won great reputation in coal fired hot water boiler and coal fired steam boiler. Our company provides best quality coal fired boiler for sale and welcome to get the latest price for industrial coal fired hot water boiler.

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