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Horizontal oil fired steam boiler prices

Oil Fired Steam Boiler is a kind of fire tube boiler, taking light oil, heavy oil, diesel, waste oil, as fuel to generate high temperature steam for industry production, such as textile industry, chemical industry, hospital, schools, cement industry, power plant, cloth factory. Also Prices of Oil Fired Steam Boilers are concerned by these enterprises.

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Horizontal Oil Fired Steam Boiler Prices

Oil fired steam boiler manufactured by ZG Boiler is generally high efficient, clean and energy saving. While the oil fired steam boiler prices will actually be affected by some factors, such as the boiler manufacturing materials, construction costs, boiler configuration. The following I will analysis the factors that affect the price of oil fired steam boiler for sale.

Firstly, multi-fuel boilers. It is very common that the price for a boiler available for more than one fuel is higher than the single fuel boiler. For example, a dual fuel industrial boiler costs much in manufacturing, but the performance will also improve to better satisfy the users. Secondly, construction costs. The construction costs of oil fired boiler is mainly in the boiler house and boiler pipe construction. These cost for horizontal oil fired steam boiler is very necessary in boiler safely operating and avoiding accidents. Finally, full automatic operation. Our oil fired steam boiler for sale is full automatic operation, equipped with auto-alarm and multi-protection device to improve boiler efficiency and safety performance.

Horizontal oil fired steam boiler company

Our company is an oil fired boiler manufacturer, supplying 2 ton -35 ton oil fired steam boiler and hot water boiler. We welcome your visit online and get the latest oil fired steam boiler prices here.

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