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Industrial LPG Fired Boiler Characteristic

The characteristics of LPG fired boiler using liquefied petroleum gas as the operating fuel are investigated. LPG is becoming more and more popular in the world and there are more than 1000 applications of LPG. Hundreds of millions of people currently use LPG and depend on it for thousands of applications, in commercial business, industry, transportation, farming, power generation, cooking, heating and for recreational purposes. ZG Boiler is the LPG fired boiler manufacturer and we can supply 2-130 ton LPG fired steam boiler or hot water boiler to meet different levels’ requirement from customers.

Advantages of LPG over other fuels:

* Clean Burning
* High energy value & gives good flame control
* Easy to store, No spillage.
* No soot, burners have longer life, hence maintenance is low.
* Environmental friendly fuel, with minimum sulphur contents & sulphur free emissions.
* Can be used for variety of applications
* Effects of corrosion are reduced
* Avoids scaling
* Effective & Efficient with direct firing systems as the heat loss is minimal.
Thank to the advantages of LPG over other fuels, LPG fired boiler is more popular than other fuels, such as coal, biomass, oil, etc. The LPG fired boiler for sale in ZG Boiler mainly has two types according to the outlay, one is WNS series fire tube boiler and the other is SZS series water tube boiler and both of them have high efficiency and low combustion and have awarded ASME and IBR certification which is guarantee of advanced technology and high quality.

Industrial LPG Fired Boiler Characteristic

Industrial LPG Fired Boiler Characteristic

1. Advanced technology: 100% completely butt welding, mini stress and reliable quality.
2. Large diameter corrugated furnace: Combustion chamber is composed by large diameter full corrugation furnace, big combustion space.
3. High steam quality: Large steam space volume and enough height of the net distance between steam water interface and steam outlet.
4. Advanced automatic control: Boiler controller use Siemens/Delixi electrical element.
5. Multifunction safety explosion proof equipment: Boiler rear panel is equipped with explosion proof equipment which connected with furnace.

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