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Jingliang Qiao joined Zhengguo shares as president of the group

On the afternoon of June 5, 2017, at the high-level meeting of ZG boiler shares, the chairman of the board, Cui Hongqi, solemnly announced that Mr. Qiao Jingliang would join the Zhengpu Company as the partner of the second largest shareholder and become the president of the group jobs.

Qiao Jingliang joined Zhengguo shares as president of the group
At the meeting, Chairman Cui Hongqi expressed his warm welcome and unconditional trust and support to Mr. Qiao Jingliang, said Mr. Gan Zhuoqiao "assistant", to help Joe President to promote the work of the Group, and seriously require all the high-level group And the department staff must be unconditional with the support, together with Joe together to write a new chapter in ZG boiler shares.

Qiao Jingliang joined Zhengguo shares as president of the group.jpg
Mr. Qiao in Cui Hongqi, chairman of the sincerity of the invitation to express gratitude, with the senior management of the participants conducted a simple personal sharing. He said that from the current industry macroeconomic policy and market demand point of view, the boiler industry development prospects, especially ZG boiler shares as 72 years of industry experience with the veteran enterprises, with its excellent product quality and continuous technological innovation, no doubt Very strong market competitive advantage, as long as they can firmly grasp the new round of market opportunities, will be able to grasp more market opportunities, enhance market share and brand influence.

Qiao Jingliang joined Zhengguo shares as president of the group
Just two hours, the newly appointed group president by virtue of its diverse knowledge, experienced, unique insights, new thinking and deep personal charm for the ZG boiler shares brought a different fresh oxygen.

Whether it is for their own or for ZG boiler shares, Mr. Qiao have shown a strong confidence and determination, which is another turning point in their personal career, it is Zheng Chu shares a new opportunity and breakthrough arrival. I believe ZG boiler shares in this high hopes for the new president under the leadership, will achieve a new breakthrough, usher in a new round of development peak.

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