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Methanol boiler brings economic and environmental benefit

The increasing price of fossil fuel and the pollution caused by fossil fuel burning impel people to look for the alternative energy. Methanol fuel appears to become the new environmental friendly fuel this year, the related methanol boiler for sale has also got the market’s attention.


Methanol boiler saves money and energy
The traditional methanol is just a kind of chemical, but with the deepening of scientific research, methanol fuel began to apply in automatic engine, oil fired boiler. And now the methanol fired boiler has been the popular industrial boiler, which can save money and energy, and bring economic and environmental benefits.

Methanol boiler brings high economic benefit
Methanol boiler can largely reduce the consumption of earth oil, with high economic benefit. Methanol as boiler fuel, has a wide resource and lower price than coal fuel, thus can save fuel investment; meanwhile, ZG methanol boiler for sale with excellent design has large heating surface, high thermal efficiency, can supply sufficient hot water in industrial production Besides, the good quality imported burner helps fuel fully burning, and finally save the industrial methanol boiler cost.

Methanol boiler brings high environment benefit
Compared with coal fired boiler, methanol boiler is much environmental friendly. Lower pollutant emission largely alleviates the haze crisis, and methanol fired boiler is the model of green industrial boiler.

ZG is a professional boiler manufacturer, supplying methanol boiler with wet-back, three pass design, it can save money and energy for enterprises.

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