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Rice husk fired boiler for rice mills

The ever-rising cost of fossil fuel has compelled the industries to research for alternative fuels, and biomass as the clean and low cost fuel comes into people’s eyes. Rice husks for boilers in particular are considered a suitable candidate at first, while as the technology developing and taking advantage of the lower cost of rice husks, rice mills prefer to use rice husks as fuel in boilers for generating steam.

Rice husk boiler: High-efficiency combining with low emission
Bangladesh is one of the largest producers of rice in the world–it processes about 28 million tonnes a year. Thus, many large or small rice mills exist in Bangladesh. Steam is needed during the rice processing, and rice husks-the waste may use as the fuel for boilers to generate steam. This not only turns waste to useful fuel, bring benefit for people, but also lower biomass boiler cost.


DZL biomass steam boiler manufactured by ZG can take rice husks as fuel, three-pass and wet-back designs greatly improve the rice husk fired boiler efficiency. For the biomass feature, the boiler is not only high efficiency, but also low emission, as we know biomass is neutral fuel with even zero emission.

Rice-husk fired boiler for rice mills
In many countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, rice is the main crop, rice husk biomass boilers are especially welcomed by local rice mills. As manufacturer of biomass boiler, we’d like to provide good quality biomass steam boiler and biomass hot water boiler for users.

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