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Steam Boiler and Hot Water Boiler for Heating

Two general categories of boilers are hot water and steam boilers. In general, we use hot water boiler for heating and steam boiler is rare in heating application. Most buildings use hot water boilers where water is heated to appropriate distribution temperatures (typically 140 - 180°F). These systems are often “closed” with virtually no fresh water makeup. Hot water boilers are often preferred because they normally do not need an operator or special water chemistry, and they run at higher fuel conversion efficiency than steam boilers. Steam boilers are found in many different configurations, but all serve one purpose: to contain water and transform it into steam by the application of heat. And steam boiler can also be applied in heating system.

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Steam Heating System

Steam boiler plays an important role in steam heating system. A steam heating system takes advantage of the high latent heat which is given off when steam condenses to liquid water. In a steam heating system, each room is equipped with a so-called "radiator" which is connected to a source of low-pressure steam (a boiler). Steam entering the radiator condenses and gives up its latent heat, returning to liquid water. The radiator in turn heats the air of the room, and provides some direct radiant heat. The condensate water returns to the boiler either by gravity or with the assistance of a pump. Some systems use only a single pipe for combined steam and condensate return. Since trapped air prevents proper circulation, such systems have vent valves to allow air to be purged. In domestic and small commercial buildings, the steam is generated at relatively low pressure, less than 15 psig (200 kPa).
Steam heating systems are rarely installed in new single-family residential construction owing to the cost of the piping installation. Pipes must be carefully sloped to prevent trapped condensate blockage. Compared to other methods of heating, it is more difficult to control the output of a steam system. However, steam can be sent, for example, between buildings on a campus to allow use of an efficient central boiler and low cost fuel. Tall buildings take advantage of the low density of steam to avoid the excessive pressure required to circulate hot water from a basement mounted boiler. In industrial systems, process steam used for power generation or other purposes can also be tapped for space heating. Steam for heating systems may also be obtained from heat recovery boilers using otherwise wasted heat from industrial processes.
ZG Boiler is the industrial boilers manufacturer and we can design and manufacture 1-280 ton steam boiler and hot water boiler to meet different requirement from customers. We are committed to oil & gas fired boiler, coal fired boiler, biomass fired boiler, CFB boiler, waste heat boiler to satisfy customers’ application in heating, power generation, paper & pulp mill, textile mill, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospital, oil refinery, school, greenhouse, etc.

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