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Three types of oil fired boilers for sale

Oil fired boiler refers to the boilers fueled with diesel, waste oil, light oil, heavy oil, and other fuel boilers. We manufacture oil fired boiler with advanced technologies, such as automatic combustion ratio adjustment, feed water automatic adjustment, and automatic operation. Besides, our oil fired boilers for sale have multiple protection function to guarantee the boiler safely operation. Mainly the oil fired boilers can be divided into three types: oil fired hot water boiler, gas & oil fired boiler, and oil fired steam boiler.

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We have three types of oil fired boiler for sale, welcome to get data and price for oil fired boilers.

Following we will introduce the three types oil fired boilers, so that our customers can have a clear conception of the boilers.

Oil fired hot water boiler

Oil fired hot water boiler is taking oil as fuel and full automatic control system. It is the most convenient, most energy saving environmental boiler.

Oil & gas fired boiler

Oil & gas boiler is dual fuel boiler with gas or oil as fuels. Unlike coal fired boiler, it requires burner to jet the fuel into boiler furnace, adopts combustion chamber without the use of grate device. Due to no fuel ash produced after combustion, the oil & gas fired boiler for sale need no de-slagging facility.

Oil fired steam boiler

Oil fired steam boiler manufactured by ZG Boiler is horizontal wet-back industrial oil boiler. Efficient threaded pipe, international popular three pass design can make the oil steam boiler get the high thermal efficiency up to 85%.

Industrial oil fired boiler manufacturers

Advanced technology and design, great material and dedicated attitude make the good performance industrial oil fired boilers. We are one of the global market leading manufacturer and exporter of oil fired boiler, selling all types of boilers in Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Russia, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, etc.

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