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Biogas Fired Boiler for On-Farm Factory

Biogas fired boiler for on-farm factory is becoming more and more popular thanks to the low combustion and high efficiency of biogas fired boiler. Currently, the use of pig and cattle manure in farms for energy is mainly made through anaerobic digestion. There are other technologies based on direct combustion for heat production, though they need the addition of dryer co-fuels, like straw, wood chips or poultry litter. ZG Boiler has designed and manufactured biogas fired boiler for on-farm factory and it has earned great popularity around the world.

The Anaerobic Digestion Process

In the digester, bacteria decompose organic materials in the absence of air with the release of methane and carbon dioxide. Acid-forming bacteria break down or liquefy the volatile solids, changing them in to simple fatty acids. The methane-forming bacteria then convert these volatile acids to methane and carbon dioxide. These bacteria are sensitive to changes in their environment. Rapid digestion and efficient biogas production occur within limited ranges of temperature and are influenced by the composition of the raw material.

Biogas Fired Boiler for On-Farm Factory

Potential On-Farm Uses of Biogas

The most common and popular on-farm use of biogas is to fuel an engine-generator (generator-set or genset) to produce electricity for on-farm use, or, less commonly, for off-farm sale or under a net-metered arrangement with the utility. Heat recovered from combustion of the biogas (whether in boilers or internal combustion engines) can be used to maintain the operating temperature of the anaerobic digester or for other on-farm uses. Because of relatively low energy prices in the past, other on-farm uses of biogas have been minimal and the associated experience base is quite small. Recent increases in energy prices and the likelihood of continued high prices may increase the attractiveness of other on-farm uses.

Biogas Fired Boiler Manufacturer for On-Farm Factory

ZG Boiler is the biogas fired boiler manufacturer for on-farm factory and we have designed WNS series biogas fired boiler and SZS series boiler to meet customers’ demand. Besides, we also designed oil & gas fired boiler, coal fired boiler, biomass fired boiler, CFB boiler, waste heat boiler, industrial autoclave to meet customer’s diverse application. ZG Boiler has over 70 year’s history and we also have identified ASME, IBR and PED certification, therefore, ZG Boiler indeed is a reliable industrial boilers and pressure vessels manufacturer for you!

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