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biomass boiler for paper plant

It is seemed that natural gas is the major fuel used in industry production. Recently, gas demand is not being fulfilled due to its extensive use in the industry, commercial and domestic activities. However, natural gas sometimes is not as popular as biomass fuel for boilers.

Why gas fired boiler is not so popular as people think?
People may know the shut down in the boiler running, which may hamper the production. For gas fired boiler, the shutdown of gas is a “maybe thing”. Thus, industry is likely to look for different alternatives for the gas fuel.


One of the good alternative is the biomass fuel (rice husk, corn cob, bagasse, cotton stalk, de-oiled bran, straws, etc are available) due to its cheap price, availability in the country and environment friendly nature.

Biomass steam boiler for paper plant
In paper plant, high temperature and high pressure steam is a necessary. Some paper plant has installed biomass steam boiler at its facility to produce steam by burning rice husk, bagasse, straws, corn cob and wood as alternative fuel. ZG, a leading supplier of biomass boiler, has low emission and energy saving biomass steam boiler for paper plant.

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