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diameter 1.75 m length 8 m autoclave was applied to Indonesia

Industrial autoclave is a large-scale pressure vessel. It is widely used in medical, chemical, building materials and other industrial production lines.Indonesia is a rapidly developing country and of course industrial autoclave applications are also essential.recently,a diameter 1.75 m length 8 m autoclave was applied to Indonesia.Some people may think that how powerful an 8-meter autoclave would be, but there is still more here ,Before there is A 35-meter autoclave to Algeria.

diameter 1.75 m length 8 m autoclave was applied to Indonesia

industrial autoclave applied in Indonesia

Autoclaves have many important scientific and industrial uses.You've probably heard of pressure cookers? They were all the rage until microwave ovens became popular in the 1980s. They're like over-sized saucepans with lids that seal on tightly and, when you fill them with water, they produce lots of high-pressure steam that cooks your food more quickly (if you want to know more, please see the box at the bottom of this page).

Characteristics of the autoclave

1.The autoclave is steeliness horizontal type, the autoclave lid made of 16MnR steel plate, the body and cover of the autoclave made of 16Mn.

2. The equipment has the safety interlocking protective device,which can grantee the safe operartion and the safety in production.

3.Autoclave body bearing aimed at different position, Settings are fixed supprort, activities bearing, special bearings at the end of the three forms. Better meet the kettle body heat bilges cold shrink, guarantee the autoclaved autoclave normal work and service life.

autoclave working principle and application

Autoclave for the production of aerated bricks

The autoclave is an energy-saving pressure vessel, safe and reliable, and low in cost. For example, some brick-making plants can use an autoclave to produce a large number of low-cost and rapid production. Therefore, the wide application of large-scale autoclaves is an inevitable trend.Of course, if you are hesitant to use it, you can consult us and we will give you the most sincere advice 

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