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horizontal biomass boiler application in Indonesia

Biomass fired boiler is a kind of boiler. It is called biomass boiler which uses biomass energy as fuel. It is divided into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass hot blast stove, biomass thermal oil furnace, vertical Biomass boilers, horizontal biomass boilers, etc.

For Indonesia in the rainforest region, there are many biomasses such as wood, sawdust, and weeds. However, these are not used. It is only a waste of resources. Indonesian customers recently used these biomasses for boiler fuel.

Horizontal Biomass Boiler Application in Indonesia

biomass fired power plant boiler 

How does a biomass boiler works?

1. Energy saving and environmental protection: The latest gasification combustion technology is adopted, advanced gasification rotary combustion chambers are set up, and secondary swirl air distribution is built in to make the fuel combustion more fully.

And the use of high-efficiency heat transfer elements - threaded tobacco pipe, with a reasonable flow rate of the flue gas, so that the thermal efficiency of the boiler is further improved. Thermal efficiency up to 85%.

The boiler adopts the internationally-promoted green renewable biomass wood pellet fuel. The CO2 reaches zero emission, and the dust emission concentration is less than 50mg/m3. All the indicators have reached the international first-class regional environmental protection standards.

2. Low operating costs: Fuel wood biomass particles used in boilers are new environmentally friendly fuels and are renewable resources. Has a high calorific value, low cost, a wide range of features. Its operating cost is only a quarter of that of electric boilers and less than half of that of fuel (gas) boilers.

3, high degree of automation: digital integrated controller, according to user settings automatically control the combustion conditions, simple and convenient operation, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic cleaning, and fuel, gas boiler operation is equally convenient.

4, security: the use of high standards, high-quality auxiliary equipment, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

5, novel appearance: boiler design beautiful and generous.

How does a biomass boiler works

biomass fired boiler applied in processing factory

Of course, the application of biomass boilers is also very extensive. Boilers can be used in washing and ironing industry, packaging machinery industry, biochemical industry, chemical industry, medical school, food factory, paper mill, etc.

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