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Power Plant Boiler for Sugar Industry in Vietnam

Power plant boiler for sugar industry in Vietnam is popular thanks to the rice resources of bagasse. Bagasse fired power plant boiler is a biomass fired power plant boiler and it mainly takes bagasse as its fuels, bagasse fired power plant boiler for sugar industry can take the waste bagasse from the sugar recycled which reach the goals of energy saving and environment protection.

Energy Flow Chart of bagass fired power Plant Boiler

energy flow chart.jpg

Benefits of bagasse fired power plant boiler for Sugar Industry in Vietnam

1. The sugar factory production in the dry season - the season of power shortage , water shortage to hydropower factories.
2. Reduce CO2 emissions: estimates of world sugar ISO organization, for every ton of bagasse will reduce 0.55 tons of CO2 emissions.
3. Decentralized power station ( in 41 sugar mills ) in rural areas: reduce loss of power transmission from the central source ( as reported by EVN power loss of about 9-10 %). In India, 1MW electricity from bagasse equivalent concentration of 1.67 MW from thermal coal.
4. Savings of fossil resources, a ton of 50 % moisture bagasse equal to 0.213 tons of oil
5. Saving money by burning oil in thermal power centers and purchase power from China ( 2013, expected lack of water for hydropower , EVN will have spent $ 5,542 billion to oil burning in thermal power centers and 5,000 billion to buy power from China ).

Power Plant Boiler Manufacturer for Sugar Industry in Vietnam

ZG Boiler is the power plant boiler manufacturer for sugar industry in Vietnam, 70 years’ history and ASME, PED and IBR certifications make us a professional and prominent industrial boilers and pressure vessels manufacturer, supplier and exporter. We have exported our products to many countries around the world, such as Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, India, Mexico, etc. And our products are widely applied in industrial fields, such as textile mill, paper mill, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, brewery factory, etc. ZG Boiler is looking forward to cooperating with you!

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