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Rice husk boilers Pakistan

For the long term economic and social problems, Pakistan is facing with severe energy crisis. And looking for new fuel resource which is cheap and abundant within the country is the right way walking out of the crisis.

Biomass fuel in Pakistan

Against the background of energy crisis and global warming, governments in the world are promoting renewable biomass fuel research and utilization. For Pakistan, a big agricultural country, has a promising biomass fuel utilization, and the major sources of biomass energy are crop residues, such as rice husk, rice straws, bagasse, and other animal wastes.

Rice husk boilers

Rice husk is the most prolific agricultural residue in rice producing countries around the world. It is one of the major by-products from the rice milling process, through proper processing, it can be used as the fuel in biomass fired boiler and we call it rice husk boiler. Rice husks are great alternative to the rising gas or oil fuels, and rice husk boilers for sale are welcomed in rice mills to reduce the cost in equipment investment.

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Rice husk fired boiler Pakistan 

Rice husk fired boiler manufacturers

We are one of the largest rice husk fired boiler manufacturers, and as a professional biomass fired boiler manufacturer, we can also supply bagasse fired boiler, coconut biomass fired boiler, wood chips biomass boiler, coffee grounds biomass boiler, etc. Welcome any consult online to get the latest biomass boiler information and boiler price here.

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