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Steam Boiler for Hospital

Steam boiler for sale in hospital
Hospital is an important institution in the society, where steam boilers are essential to provide steam in a variety of applications. New steam boilers manufactured by ZG are compact in structure, far more energy efficient and produce fewer emission such as the nitrogen oxide, CO2 in hospitals.

Generally, hospitals steam boilers are to generate high temperature and high pressure steam in the Distillation, Purification, Disinfection, Sterilization, as well as Central heating in hospital buildings.


Steam Boiler: New technologies save energy and reduce emissions
Thanks to the improvements in technology, steam boilers for sale are more energy efficient, produce fewer emissions and take up less space. In addition, we supply steam boiler in a large range of capacities and types that can accommodate any need in hospital.

SZS series gas fired steam boilers adopt D type layout, with compact structure, small occupation area and good degree of flame. Membrane water wall structure is introduced to the gas steam boiler, and the flue gas condensation recovery device greatly improve the boiler thermal efficiency. Moreover, we use the thermal resistance materials as heating insulating layers make the boiler have good thermal insulation performance. Automatic burner improves the combustion efficiency, reduce the emission as well.

Steam boiler manufacturer China
As a steam boiler manufacturer, ZG can supply high quality, energy saving and low emission steam boilers, including the SZS gas & oil steam boiler, WNS gas & oil steam boiler, SZL coal fired seam boiler, DZL biomass steam boiler.

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