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Steam Boiler Used in Jaggery Industry in Pakistan

Steam boiler used in jaggery industry in Pakistan is an industrial steam boiler and it mainly supplies large quantity steam and then convert the steam energy to electricity to meet the demand of jaggery production. Boiler for jaggery industry also a biomass fired boiler and it mainly takes sugarcane bagasse as its fuel, which is not only energy saving but also environmentally friendly in Pakistan. ZG Boiler is the steam boiler manufacturer for jaggery industry in Pakistan and we can supply customers satisfying steam boiler with rich experience, advanced technology, high quality and excellent service.

Steam Boiler Used in Jaggery Industry in Pakistan

Jaggery Industry Working Processing

It is very simple to manufacture jaggery. First the sugarcane is crushed into sugarcane crusher to get sugarcane juice. Then sugarcane juice is boiled in a boiling pan by firing bagasse under the boiling pan. Single boiling pan is more economical than set of 4 boiling pans in line and flue gases pass under all the four boiling pans one after another and then escape through chimney. During the boiling, all impurities come on the surface which are removed by scumming. While boiling, up to 118 degree C, the sugarcane juice gets concentrated and after evaporating almost all the water, pasty crystalline yellow substance is left in the boiling pan which becomes solid after cooling. This is jaggery.

Steam Boiler Used in Jaggery Industry

In Jaggery making plants, sugarcane crusher is driven by electric motor or diesel engine. To get electric connection in farms is very difficult, expensive and time taking and then also electric power is not supplied round the clock. So electric connection is not enough. However, ZG Boiler supplies steam boiler used in jaggery industry can solve the problem. The jaggery can be the fuel of industrial steam boiler and meet the demand of electricity.

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