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Steam boilers and hot water boilers

For most non-professionals, it is difficult to tell the boiler types, and they are more concerned about which boiler is better for winter heating supply. Maybe most people think that steam boiler and hot water boiler are same and no much difference. In fact, the two types boilers are almost same in structure, while they surely have some difference.

The difference in steam boiler and hot water boiler basic configuration
In the basic configuration, there is a steam and water separator inside steam boiler, and hot water boiler dose not equip the device. Steam boiler equipped with water level gauge is mainly to generate steam, but hot water boiler is to supply hot water.

Different applications of steam boiler and hot water boiler
Hot water boilers often apply in daily life, for example, the gas fired hot water boiler and coal fired hot water boiler are used in bath centers, restaurants; while steam boilers are mainly used in industry production, such as biomass steam boiler in paper plant, sugar mills, oil steam boiler in textile industry, etc.


For safety in industrial production, the national control of industrial steam boilers are very strict, forcible inspection, annual inspection are required to ensure boiler operation safety and avoid the accidents. Nowadays, people constantly try new techniques and methods to innovate industrial boilers, to boost economic development in a large degree.

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